Our Services

Our Services

Provide auditing service for company / partnership / cooperative / public company / insurance company / foundation / association
Preparing and consulting for financial statement preparation and tax return, Providing related services
Internal auditing, Cooperative supervisor. The services are to be rendered by specialist auditors


Provide accounting service by month / year or beyond fiscal year
Liquidating activity, establishing of the new company, providing assets control book, payroll account, inventory control, accounts sub-ledger, cost accounting, management accounting and etc
Preparing journal entries, general ledger, sub-ledger, trial balance, financial statement, cash flow statement, consolidated statement

Tax planning for individual / corporate / VAT / withholding tax / duty stamp / property tax , Tax return filing, Negotiation with Revenue department officer
BOI (Board of investment) consulting, Law and business consulting
Accounting system analysis and design, Document interpretation, Web site designing

Provide registering services with Ministry of Commerce / Revenue department
Submission of financial statement / tax returns, Newspaper Announcement, Minute preparation
Shareholders’ list preparation (Bor Oor Jor 5), Social Security Fund registration, Work permit registration
Merchandizing name and trademark registration, Changing of company’ s directors

Real estate consulting
Provide accommodation consulting service, Planning and consulting for real estate issue
Preparation of loan project and Feasibility study, Business operational consulting
Credit facilitated consulting, Documentation consulting